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About Greenhouse Gas Value

Terrestrial ecosystems exchange greenhouse gases with the atmosphere, and thereby regulate climate. Clearing ecosystems affects climate, usually contributing positively to climate change.

"Greenhouse Gas Value" (GHGV) is a measure of the total greenhouse gas benefit of maintaining an ecosystem-or, conversely, the greenhouse gas cost of clearing it. GHGV provides a comprehensive method of calculating the change in greenhouse gas emissions-and therefore climate-that results from changes in land use.

GHGV is expressed in units of CO2-equivalents; that is, it compares the climate effect of clearing the ecosystem with the effect of releasing one ton of CO2 to the atmosphere. This allows easy comparison of the long-term effects of clearing a forest, for example, to the costs of other greenhouse gas emissions (for example, driving emissions).

For more information about GHGV, see this news story and the links at the bottom of this page.

About the Greenhouse Gas Value Calculator

The Greenhouse Gas Value Calculator is an online tool for calculating the GHGV of terrestrial ecosystems. It has many potential applications: Results are summarized graphically, and files detailing the results are available for download.

The GHGV Calculator Tutorial

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News story about GHGV

Scientific Background

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