TreeHugger Wireless Solutions Base Station Data Logger Multi-Logger Sensors

TreeHugger Dendrometer

The Treehugger dendrometer is a complete automated system for measuring and recording tree growth. It is designed for quick and easy installation to allow users to start measuring tree growth effortlessly.

Wireless Solutions

The TreeHugger datalogger has the expansion capability to become a wireless mesh node. This ability allows the data loggers to for a mesh network and transmit data back to a base station. Different wireless solutions are available to meet you range and battery-life needs.

Base Station / Solar-Logger

The base station offers a higher power end point for processing the networks data and storing it at a central location. The base staion offers many expansion features such as the weather station expansion pack. This pack records rain-fall, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, and light.

Data Logger

The data logger from the TreeHugger package. Two external channels with on board temperature and battery monitoring. This is best used as a replacement unit for the TreeHugge. See the Multi-Logger for a much wider range of logging options.


The Multi-Logger offers a budget friendly solution to local and wireless networks and integrates seamlessly with the TreeHugger. These sensors can be used to monitor voltages from 0-2.048V (expandable to 10V), pulse counting, and several I2C components such as barometric pressure.


Several sensors are available to be paired with the Multi-Logger. These measure a wide range of properties such as temperature, altitude, position, flex, linear position, and shunt resistors for current.