Production Estimates Sustainability Agronomy Ecological Instrumentation

Crop Production

Based on local soil conditions and climate, GCS provides accurate, site-specific projections of crop production and yield. For bioenergy feedstocks, these projections permit accurate determination of energy yield for heat or electricity generation.

Greenhouse gas balance and carbon sequestration associated with land use change

We provide a publicly available Greenhouse Gas Value calculator to estimate the greenhouse gas effects of land use change. We also provide customized estimates; using a state-of-the-science, process based ecosystem model, GCS provides analysis of the complete greenhouse gas balance - methane, CO2, nitrous oxide - for agricultural, pasture and natural landscapes.


GCS provides a broad spectrum of services related to the propagation, planting and harvesting of Miscanthus x giganteus and other energy grasses. From advice on the appropriate crop for a particular location to establishing large fields, GCS is a one-stop shop for bioenergy agronomy projects.

Ecosystem monitoring and custom instrumentation

GCS draws on its extensive relationships with biologists, environmental scientists and engineers to design, field test and deploy custom instrumentation for environmental monitoring. Recently developed TreeHuggers© provide real time, automated measurements of carbon storage by trees, a foundation measurement for greenhouse gas accounting and carbon trading.